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Bruce Graham

Hi Catharine, and welcome to the Community.

Once way is just to take a copy of the Scene, and just have it out at the side of the Story View, not in the course - like a "Staging Area"

That way you can keep the slide, but it is not in your course for viewing when you publish.

Hope that helps - once again a warm welcome.


Catharine Gruver

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your response!

Let me just make sure I understand your technique. If I copy the slide or scene and then make sure the copy of the slide or scene is not linked to the first scene in my course in Story View, then the copied scene will not be included when I publish the course?

Thanks for your help!


Bruce Graham

That's the bunny! 

See attached.

Slides in course + Navigation Slide triggered by Tab.

Also - a "hidden" scene - make sure it has no links to anything.

I often use this technique as a repository to store graphics, or Production Notes, or more normally, I bring in PowerPoint slides than only use them for inspiration on a custom build.

Hope that clarifies.