Hiding the navigation controls in a lightboxed slide

Sep 06, 2016

Hi everyone,

I've a tricky issue that I just can't get a work-around for.  I have a nested lightbox slide, but in order to return to the initial lightbox slide I need the navigation controls active in the slide that the first lightbox slide navigates to.  Now, I am a little unfamiliar with variables and I figured quickly enough that I will need some sort of variable that will hide those navigation controls.  I do not know how to go about programming that variable.  I've already created the variable, but the rest is unclear.  Uploaded is a sample of what I mean.

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Pierre Jouan

Hi Lisa,

I had a look at your file and I don't understand what you need as well, sorry.

Do you mean that you can view Lightbox 2 slide from the menu on the left AND as Lightboxes ?

II think you have to add custom Next/Prev button and add Hide conditions when ligthboxed :

If this is not what you're looking for, could you post a mockup or a scheme ?

Jeff Gilbert

I'm having a similar issue...

I need to hide the next button for a lightbox slide. Currently, I have a trigger set to:

"Change state of the next button to Hidden

When the timelines starts

If This slide is lightboxed"


But no matter what I do, the next button is never hidden. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can try? I'd rather not copy the slide as a separate scene and do a gimmicky work-around. I'd prefer to set a trigger and be done with it so that other developers can use the template.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff!

When you set the trigger to jump to the lightbox slide, simply de-select the Navigation Controls option.

This will not allow the Prev/Next buttons to display on your lightboxed slide, but will allow regular Player navigation to display if you are accessing this slide as well in a non-lighboxed scenario as well.

Jeff Gilbert

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for responding so quickly!

I have several sequential slides that are lightboxed. I need the learner to be able to navigate the previous and next buttons in the lightbox, until they reach the last slide in the sequence.

Does that make sense? I want the learner to navigate using previous/next in the lightbox, but I want to disable the next button on one specific slide (the last slide in the scene), only when it's being viewed as a lightbox. Is this not possible?

Thank you for your help.

Jeff Gilbert

I appreciate you trying to help, but I can't remove the navigation controls. I need the learner to be able to navigate within a scene without using the player menu (there is no player menu in this course).

Is there a reason why the following slide trigger won't work?

"Change state of the next button to Hidden

When the timeline starts

if this slide is ligthboxed"


Shouldn't that change the next button to "hidden" when the slide is lightboxed? Is this not possible? Is it only possible to disable the navigation controls completely?

Lisa van der Westhuizen

Do you need the slides to have their navigation controls used outside of a lightbox setting? If not, I solved my issue by simply having the slides run parallel to each other, thus removing the navigation control on the initial slide.

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