Hiding the Next Button in Different Scenarios


Hoping you can all help me with what I feel should be a really simple thing that I am trying to accomplish.  I've been working out ways to hide the PREV and NEXT buttons until various conditions have been met and there's one that I seem to be stumped on.  

Slide A has multiple buttons on it that when clicked, bring you to a new scene/slide.  This slide has a PREV button to go back to Slide A.  

I want the PREV/NEXT buttons to appear on Slide A after ALL buttons have been visited.  

I've come up with several variable/trigger/condition combos that I feel should be accomplishing this but my tests have not shown that to be the case...

I've attached a story file that's just the basics of what I'm looking to do here if anyone could take a look I would appreciate it.  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello M - You did a great job getting started with such a task.

I updated your triggers to include when timeline starts vs just the state change because if you're on a different slide when your state changes it does not work as expected.

I also added the trigger for the Next button to return to normal so you can utilize it.

Check out your updated file.