Hiding the next button until user has completed additional slides

Oct 22, 2019

I'm using storyline 360 do develop course content that branches.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to hide the slide advance or next button until a user has clicked 3 hot spots on my slide (aka original slide below).  Each hot spot takes to you a new slide with additional content.  The user then returns to slide 1.  I want to lock advancing the course until these three slides are viewed but its not working.

For past courses I did this by having a variable change when the user clicks each hot spot (from false to true) and then the trigger "show the next button when timeline completes for the original slide and if variables are true".  I have also done this by having the state of each hot spot or similar change when clicked and using the trigger "show the next button when timeline complete for the origination slide and all states are visited"

This worked on my course during the initial run through last week. however now the next button is staying hidden no matter what I do!  

Also, is there a simpler way to do this?  I don't feel like this method is a elegant as it could be.  I've searched for a different way through help topics with no luck.  Honestly there should be a function that keeps the next button hidden until branching content is completed.

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Jerry Beaucaire

The timeline end moment is a precise millisecond in time.  It may not be appropriate to use as the base trigger where other stuff needs to happen, as that millisecond may have come already prior to all the events being completed.  You know?

Instead, use the variables themselves.

Change the State of NEXT to Normal(Enabled) when the Variable1 changes if
Variable1=True and Variable2=True and Variable3=True.

Change the State of NEXT to Normal(Enabled) when the Variable2 changes if
Variable1=True and Variable2=True and Variable3=True.

Change the State of NEXT to Normal(Enabled) when the Variable3 changes if
Variable1=True and Variable2=True and Variable3=True.

That would work no matter when it occurred.

Jennifer Boutin

Yes, that is an option that I have also tried but it didn't work. I set it
up so that the variable changed when leaving the original slide and have
the slide set to "resumed saved state". My intention was that once all
three hot spots were clicked, and the user returned to the original slide
the next button would appear. but it didn't work. Also this command is
frustrating because it has the be repeated three times. This same project
has another branching slide, this time with 8 branches (all various
lengths) that must be viewed before advancing. So I will have to repeat
the command sequence 8 times. I really want to get it correct and as
simple as possible on the 3 branched slides before moving this the 8 headed

Interestingly enough I also asked the live chat and they were not able to
help on that platform. Said they would follow up with an email on how to
correct the problem.

Jerry Beaucaire

You might want to use this link to reply instead of email, your personal signature info is now published into the blog when you use email.  You might want to edit the post above to remove your private info.

As for duplicating lengthy triggers, you can create one, then copy it, then paste and edit, much faster for building out the complex sets of triggers.

Another approach might be to use your original Timeline Ends trigger to enable the NEXT button, but then pause the timeline about 1 second from the end, and only resume the timeline when all the variables are TRUE.

If you want to post the .story, I can try and take a look today.  I'm sure there is a way to get the effect you want.

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