High CPU usage in Chrome?

Has anyone else noticed that their published projects use significantly more CPU when viewed in Chrome (Flash) on the PC than in other browsers?

I'm testing on a very fast PC and my CPU is hitting 44%, as compare to under 10% in either FF or IE11. On test laptops, this is causing our videos to stutter when viewed in Chrome.

I have about 30 layers on the slide that exhibiting the high CPU. I also have a custom menu that when removed, reduces CPU usage.

I'm just wondering if there is something particular about Chrome, and what I can do to work around this. I'll open a support case soon if I don't get any ideas here. Thanks!


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Mike B.

I have a support ticket open, but not really expecting a resolution on this as it appears to be a Chrome/Flash problem more than anything else.

I'm now doing browser detection in my course in the hopes of sending Chrome users directly to the HTML5 version of the course, to avoid the issue altogether. I have the browser detection working. What's the best way to send the user to the story_html5 file from within a course? Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update Mike, I didn't see one to follow along, you must slip them in under a different name :)

You could share the direct link to the html5 version if needed for your Chrome users.

When learners launch your published Articulate Storyline course, they'll automatically see the best version for their device and browser—Flash, HTML5, or Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). See this article for details.

If you'd prefer to bypass the Flash and AMP output altogether and only launch the HTML5 version of your course, link directly to the story_html5.html file in your published output (rather than the defaultstory.html file).

Mike B.

Yes, I think the ticket was submitted under our company name.

These are launching from an LMS, so I can't really share a direct link to the html file with the user.

I'd really prefer to not do any manipulation of my published output, but it may come to that, and I don't want to eliminate the Flash version altogether, only for Chrome users.

Mike B.


Support didn't have a solution to this (and there may not be one) and suggested I look for more advice here. This problem does not seem to be isolated to Storyline content. I'd hate to restrict users from using Chrome/Flash for our courses, as the Flash output does look much better than HTML5.