Highlight 4 out of 5 characters


I am new to Storyline 2, and could use a little bit of help. 

I am trying to create a quiz. When you click on a character, the character will turn red. Click on the character again, it will return to black. I solved this by using triggers with changing states(hiding/normal). 

What I want now, is that when you click on "Submit" button you go to the next slide if you turned 4 of the characters red. If not you have to try again. I don´t know how to do this. Could anyone help? 

Sorry if my English isn´t perfect. 

Thank you! 
// Khamla 

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Khamla Vonsensey

Hi Leslie! 

Thank you for your response. I have attached the file to my post. 

Could you please take a look? 

What I want is that you pick 4 characters(no matter which one, but it has to be 4), before you could move on to the next slide. When its not 4 they have to retry again. 

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Khamla!

Thanks for allowing us to take a peek at your file. Here's a quick summary of the changes I made:

  • I added the red characters to a Selected state of the black characters.
  • I added a Characters variable to count the number of characters that are selected. 
  • The Warning layer will appear if the learner selects less than 4 characters.

And for a full demonstration of those changes, check out this video! 

Let me know if that's what you were after. 😊