'Highlight' function?


I'm producing an image of the respiratory system.

What I'd like is a picture of the resp. system, with a series of buttons.

I'd like for when the learner clicks the 'nose and nasal chambers button', the nose section of my resp. diagram to ligth up, glow, move anything. Basically, I'd just like it to draw attention to itself in the most basic way possible!

Has anyone got any ideas for how to do this?

(In captivate you could put a highlight field over the area you wanted to draw attention to and this is something that I'd like to replicate...)

Thank you!


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Michael Hinze

There are lots of ways to highlight something in a Storyline slide. See attached file (here is the published version) shows two variations; one with a Freeform Shape that is made visible ("Normal State") when a button is clicked; the other option uses a shape on a layer. You can play around with Shape effects, like glow, shadow, etc. to get the look you want.  

Antony Snow

Hi Rachel,

One way that springs to mind is as follows:

  1. Add your buttons to the base layer
  2. Create a new layer for each button to display the relevant information
  3. On each layer, paste a copy of your resp. system image and crop it to the appropriate section - you can also apply a border and a shadow etc. 
  4. Create a "selected" state for your resp. system image and make it black and white
  5. On each layer, add a trigger to change the state of [resp. system image] to 'selected' when timeline starts

You should then have something like this (I tried to upload my .story file, but I'm not sure it worked):

 Does this help you?