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Sep 25, 2019

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My course has a graph on one slide, and I want the entire graph to show at the beginning of the timeline.  Then as the audio speaks to certain bars of the graph, I want them to glow, shine, or something just to draw the learner's attention to what part of the graph the audio is covering.  Is there a way to do that with cue points where I cue certain animation for objects that have already been showing since the start of the timeline?  A "States" change came to mind but isn't quite solving the issue. I'm not able to share proprietary files, so hoping my description is enough to explain what I'm trying to do.

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Jerry Beaucaire
  • STATES are a perfect way to do this.   Add a state, which will duplicate the graph into the that new state, then edit that state to add a nice yellow highlight, text, anything you want.   This is nice in that it keeps the timeline to fewer items, so may be less complex on the eye.   Then your idea to change states on certain cue points are easy triggers to setup.  
  • If you want the highlights to be animated, it may easier to have a standalone yellow/65% transparent boxes animate in on/out cue, this way you get full control of entrance and exit animations of that "effect".   

    A nice effect is a red border box with no fill, using a WHEEL entrance, so it looks like it draws itself around the section of interest, gentle fade out as your narration continues.

Don't forget your ZOOM effect that might be nice as well to add near those same cues, maybe overkill, but easy to test out.

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