Highlighting clickable areas on an image

Hi All,

I am trying to make an interactive software training course and I want to make it easy for people to notice clickable areas without distracting from the slide too much. Maybe a soft glow or pulse around the areas that can be clicked.

The image below shows one of the slides i am working with and the hotspots are the green boxes.

Does anyone have any nice ideas to highlight parts of the image in a subtle way?

Any ideas would be great


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Philip Lima

You could set it up so that you show a set of directions for your students - "There are four areas on this screen that you must explore before continuing.  Move your mouse around on the screen to find them all.

Take your screen shot, copy paste it four times.  Use the crop tool to crop each of those shots so that only the places you want them to hover are showing.  Overlay these pictures on your exitsting screen.  Create a hover state for each one so that as the student hovers over that picture (to them it all looks like one seamless screen) the edge of the picture glows (Click on the picture -->Format menu --> Picture Styles --> Picture Effects --> Glow).  You can also set it so that you have a "VISITED" state.  When they go back to the screen with the pictures, maybe the part of the screen that they clicked on is now in grayscale.

Just a thought