Highlighting images

I am creating a slide that has 7 images.  I want to start with some audio, and when that is finished, I want to highlight the first image, either by making it larger or dim out the rest of the page while the audio plays for that specific icon.  When that audio finishes, it highlights the 2nd image, making it larger or dim out the rest, play the audio related to that icon, and so on until all the images have played out before moving to the next slide.  Is this even possible, and where would I start to learn how to do this.  Thanks everyone.  I'm very new to this and not sure quite where to start.

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Dave Cox

Hi Karey

Sure it is possible, and actually pretty easy to do.

Just import your audio into the time line. At the end of the audio, add your effects at that point on the timeline. I did three as examples for you to look at. I used a shape to create hotspots over the targeted areas. You can also use the hotspot tool to do the same thing.

Take a look at how I did a few for you in this sample project to get a better idea how to do what you want to do.


Karey Covey

Thank you Dave.  I will try to duplicate what you demonstrated here.  So appreciate the help.  I won't be able to implement a click to move to the next picture.  I am creating a video so it has to naturally shift from one image to the next after the audio finishes.  I'll give it a try.  What a huge help.  Thank you so much - happy face!