Highlighting in assessment simulations

hi all,

Apologies if this is very obvious but just wondered if others had this problem. it possible to stop storyline from highlighting clickable areas in assessments? I am developing a simulation of a new product that helps users to search for documents. The problem is that when I run the simulation, the clicakable area is already highlighted so the learner can see straight away where they have to click without even looking - is there a simple way around this?

thanks in advance


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Pat,

yes there is a way of doing this. Yet it is not as straight forward as you might think.

Assume the picture hereafter is the one you want to have the highlights disappear

Click on the little arrow in the record screen

Select action fine tuning

The 2 bars allow you to crop out the part where the hightlights appear.

Try it out, it doesn't allways work from the first time (frustration) yet this is the way to do it.

May the force be with you young Pat O'conner