highlighting rignt/wrong answers when users submit


in my quiz implementation, users have to submit their answers to check vs correct answers; the only feedback provided is a global "right/wrong" for the whole quiz result, but I'd like to highlight their submitted answers to tell them which was right and which was wrong.This is especially useful in case of mutiple answer questions, where you might need some hints to get the final answers right. Can you kindly suggest a possible implementation?


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Georvy Sacramento

Hi Simondavide,

Good morning!

Yes, I  think i have tried that before and it is very useful whenever i want my learners to have some hint to get the final answers right.

Here is what usually do though and you might want to follow this step:

  • On the STORY VIEW of your quiz, go to SLIDE VIEW
  • on the SLIDE LAYERS, click on "Incorrect"
  • Go to the slide then edit text on "text box" to your preferred response

See sample for reference:

Sample Response

You should be able to create your own message that will give learners hint of what the correct answer is. 

Hope this helps. :)




simondavide tritto

Hi Georvy,


many thanks for replying.

Not sure we have exactly the same goal: I'd like to highlight the submitted answers (green for right and red for wrong), not the text for correct/incorrect layer, which to me it seems what you;re recommending. Am I missing something here?

Georvy Sacramento

Sorry about that, Simondavide. I must be referring to a different way that will just prompt learners to recollect on their incorrect answer(s), not specifically highlighting the incorrect response in red or green if correct.

Your idea must be very cool! Why didn't i think of that option?

Anyway, my apologies that i was not of any help. 

Have a great Friday though! 


simondavide tritto

Hi Wendy,


I tried your hint and it worked fine. Just one more thing: I could not manage to keep the checkboxes ticked. I created the new states "wrong" and "right" by copying the default state "selected" , which has the ticks, but they vanish once the state is applied. Any hint on how to do this?

simondavide tritto

I think I've found a way.

I've 3 trigger actions for each answer:

1) upon submitting, all boxes in "selected" state are turned to right/wrong to visualize the pass/fail

2) upon selecting "retry quizzes", all boxes in right/wrong state are turned back to normal (reset pass/fail)

3)upon selecting continue (all answers right), all boxes in "right" state are turned back to "selected" to keep track of provided answers

The final effect seems right, even though a bit complex to implement; any better ideas?