highlighting within a scroll region

I'm putting together a lesson in storyline in which I am using a scrolling window for a long text section. I want to highlight key words  AFTER the learner has read it completely. The trick is that I want to go word by word, in sequence, and I'm having a hard time putting this together. I was trying to highlight words with layers, but I can't (un)highlight the words in the base layer using a trigger, right?  I also tried using a text box, but it won't stick to the word selection. Any ideas? My only other option is to highlight all the words on the next slide? That won't highlight in a sequence, though. Help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Damien and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not sure I understand how you're setting up the highlight right now - are they being "highlighted" by colored, transparent shapes? You could set those shapes up to appear based on a trigger and determine in what order they appear. It sounds like you may be using the highlight text feature and setting that up to appear as a layer? Possibly are you able to share the .story file here with us so that we could get a better idea of what you're setting up?