Hindi Font Issue on Storyline Menu

Hi All,

I am using Mangal (ver 5.90) font in my sample hindi course. The font is looking perfect on Windows 7 system but on window 8 same font looking corrupted in Menu section.

I have also published the same file on Win8 system and still found the same problem.

Please check the below screen caps and attached .story file.

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gyan,

Thanks for sharing those images here. I am not certain I'm clear on where the character break is seen within Windows 8 - I don't really read Hindi text, so it's harder for me to pinpoint. Could you share some closer updated images of where you see this and then I can compare to how I view it within my Windows 8.1 set up?

Also, just to check - are you using the most recent update of Storyline? We're currently on update 6.