Hint button in a screen cast

I have inserted a screencast (for a computer simulation) in "try mode".  Instead of showing the hint captions when hovered, I created a HINT button and show the hint caption when the user clicks the button  My problem is that if the user clicks hint and then still enters the wrong information in the text entry box, the hint caption doesn't show again when they click on it.  Is there a way that the user can get the hint more than once? 

The other change I made to the slide is that the interaction is submitted when the control loses focus instead of when the user clicks "submit".  That makes the interaction more realistic to the user.  Could that be why the hint won't show more than once?  (The base layer is set to "automatically decide" when revisiting, but I tried it in "reset to inital state" and it didn't change the behavior.)

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casey hillstrom

Hi Ellen,

I am having a similar problem. I think what is messing this up for us is our trying to change the formula of the "try mode". When we do it gets super finicky and doesn't retain certain properties. I am going to try to build it from scratch instead of getting the screen record to do it for me. I will let you know my results. Good luck !