Hint layer displaying at start of the slide, instead of when the trigger states

I have a series of slides that are serving as a mock simulation(screen images and hot spot on top, with a hint layer if user clicks outside of the hotspot) and when previewing slide by slide individually the hint layer works just fine. However, when played as a scene in preview, on my 9th slide the hints are displaying at the start of the slide- and it seems the previous slides final click is rolling over to the next slide- causing the hint layer to display at start.  I'm using the hotspot as the only clickable things on the screen, but the hint layer has a trigger to display when the user clicks outside of the hotspot- any idea what could be causing the hint layer to show at the start before the user  has clicked anything?  

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Ryan Crockett


I often use a badClick variable to count the number of clicks not on the hotspot so I can adjust if I want the hint layer to show after 1, 2, 3,... clicks. I tried this on the file you attached, and it was pulling over a click from the previous slide as the badClick variable incremented by one even though I had a trigger to set it to 0 when the new slide timeline started.

I have attached the modified version of your file where you can see at the top center of the slide how after you advance to the next slide, the variable is 1, when it should be zero. Something doesn't seem like it's quite right with your file, but I can't see any issues - it's just not behaving as it should.

The second file, badClickHint is a new file I created to demo this using essentially the same triggers and it works as intended.

Also, Jerry's solution works perfectly well