Hitboxes not working after pop up's are clicked... Why?

Dec 17, 2019

I have attached my project I have been working on at work, it is a simulation test for an expense system.

The hitboxes work no problem however when you click the information and hint box the hitbox is no longer clickable.

I have looked at the triggers and can't see why this is happening. Any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Izaak Pulham

Hi Justus

Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried it and it works however now I am having an issue of the try again screen showing whenever I click on the shapes I put in place for information and hints boxes.

I have attached one of the slides so you can see what is happening. any idea how to stop this?

Thank you


Lauren Connelly

Hi Izaak!

The Try Again layer is showing up whenever a user clicks outside of the shapes. In this case, if the user clicks the Freeform 1 then technically they'll be clicking outside of Rectangle 1 so the Try Again layer will appear.

I'd recommend adding another transparent shape! I've walked you through the steps here in this tutorial.

Let me know if you are still seeing this snag!

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