Hmm -- need help with puzzle!

Apr 07, 2016

Hi - I am creating a puzzle and need help!

There are 8 puzzle pieces. Learner can drag and drop them in any order.  When the learner drops each one onto the correct space on the puzzle, the State of that piece changes to Drop Correct and a layer displays with additional information.  Learner closes the layer, then chooses a next piece to drop.

That's working fine.

BUT ... when the learner drops the last piece and sees the associated layer, and then closes that layer (with a button), I want another layer to open up (like an End layer) with a message.  So, this layer would not be associated with any of the puzzle pieces. 

How do I get that to happen?  With variables?  Which type and how do I program them?  Thanks so much!!!!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mary

you could have a number variable that increments by +1 each time a piece is 'drop correct'. Then have a trigger that displays the final layer when number variable = 8.

Without seeing your setup hard to say the trigger but because they can do the puzzle in any order, I would tend to put the trigger onto each of the puzzle layers when they click the button that closes that layer...

Trigger:  show layer 'end layer' when users clicks close button on condition that number variable = 8 and repeat that trigger on all layers.

If you want to upload your .story file that might help people to give you some ideas as well.

Fredrik Sveinsson

Hi Mary,


You could also work with states. On each of the layers, you have a trigger on the close-button that hides the layer when you click on it. You can insert an additonal trigger on the close button of the layers that says something like:

Show layer 'End layer' when the user clicks, if the state of (each of the pieces) is equal to Drop Correct.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Mary -- Looks like you have received some great advice from Wendy and Fredrik so far! Please let us know if you still need help, and if so, you might want to upload your file as Wendy mentioned so that others can get a better idea of what you have in mind.

All you need to do is use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse from there. :)

Mary Keenan

Hi all:  Thanks for the great ideas!  I actually did what Wendy suggested -- created a number variable I called "count."  Added two triggers on the close button on each layer:   First trigger: When the learner clicks the close button on the layer, adjust variable, by adding the number 1.  Second trigger:  Show layer, End layer, when the value of the variable = 8.  Thanks again!

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