Home made submit button not working

Hi all I'm having issues with my submit button.  I want to disable the player submit option.  When one clicks my submit button is says "You must complete the question before submitting".  My Pick one objects are set up right I think - I'm at my wits end as I've never had this issue before?

I don't know why this is not working, I've set it up so many times like this before and ever had an issue. I changed the button name in case there was a conflict.

The player submit works and the manual one does not. :/ help?

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Walt Hamilton

I suspect there is some corruption somewhere. when I deleted the "Selected" state of the objects, they began work. Restoring a selected state causes that individual object not to work. I gave True a Chosen state, and a trigger to change to that state, and it works as long as it doesn't have a Selected state.

If it was mine, I would start by rebuilding the slide from scratch, and not copying anything from the old slide.