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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nitin

if you select the headings and in the States tab make their initial state 'disabled', then set a trigger to change state of each one to normal when the previous content is read.

Hard to explain without seeing how it is setup. Here is a quick sample using layers.

You can only select the first button to start with, then once that layer displays you can select the second button and so on.

Hope that helps

Nitin Malhotra

Hi Wendy

My home screen is similar as you have made. In my home screen, If user clicks "BUTTON 1", it moves to the next slide that is 1.2. I know how to do this.

But when user clicks "NEXT" from slide 1.2, it should move to the HOME SCREEN again and activate "BUTTON 2".

Similarly all 4 BUTTONS should be activated in sequence after reading the content of the previous ones on their respective slides. Please suggest me.

Nitin Malhotra


I am uploading a sample.

HOME SCREEN has 4 BUTTONS. On clicking the FIRST BUTTON, it moves to the next slide 1.2.

On clicking NEXT at slide 1.2, it should move to the HOME SCREEN and activate the SECOND BUTTON while FIRST BUTTON remains active. Can we make such thing in storyline?