Homemade drag & drop - retry button not working & review not working as I hoped


Can anyone help please? I made a matching drag and drop which works okay and adds up correct scores out of 8. However, I now have two problems with the post-quiz results:

1) On the 'Results' slide the 'Retry' button does not work at all - it is not clickable.

2) When I click on the 'Review' button I get taken to a screen of the drag and drop but none of the learner's answers are in place. 

Can anyone help on either of those issues please?

Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Victoria!

Thanks for sharing your file with me. You had a few matching drag and drop interactions in your file, but the one that seemed to give me the most trouble was slide 11.1 and results slide 9.1. 

It looks like you were almost there, and you needed just one more trigger on the results slide. I added this "Jump to..." trigger on slide 9.1, and it's working well now. Have a look at your updated file, and let me know if it's working for you, too!

victoria Harris

Alyssa, thank you so much for helping with this! That trigger worked a treat thanks!

My only problem now is that when the learner goes back to retry the quiz their old score gets added to the new one rather than resetting. It's weird as the file has a trigger to reset results when the quiz starts again.

Do you, or anyone else know if this is a case of having to add in another variable, or perhaps a condition? Any help is much appreciated as I am quite new to the world of variables & conditions! Thanks :-)

victoria Harris

Hi Wendy, big, big thanks for having a look at that. Your suggestion does work if I repeat making the same answers on each try, but unfortunately if I try a different answer the results screen adds the first try to the second try.

For example, if on my first go I only make one correct match (single case studies = detailed studies that can't be generalised) the score is 1. If I repeat that exact answer on a retry it still scores 1 - so far so good. But...if I then retry and do one correct but different match (systematic reviews = considered the gold standard for making decisions) the overall score adds that to the previous score. I am a bit baffled as to why the variable 'Set total equal to 0' wouldn't override whatever else is going on, as it sounds like the perfect solution!

Is there perhaps something I need to do in conditions to counteract this?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

doing this from memory so forgive me if I get the terms wrong - perhaps instead of using the 'drag1' 'drag2' variables to increment, why not just use the 'total score'.  

So on the actual slide when they do a correct drag, add +1 to 'total score' when they submit whatever is 'total score' will display and you won't have all those 'add drag1' to total score triggers.  

If you were reporting on individual drag items on the result slide e.g.

you got these items correct : drag1, drag3  - try again

I would understand the individual variables but since you're not I would make it less complex and just use the total score variable.

Just my 2 cents worth - shout out if I can help anymore.