Homemade submit button not working

Hello all

I created a simple Jeopardy style quiz.  Through formative testing, learners couldn't see the built in submit button so I decided to create one on the slide that was obvious.  The problem is that when you make your choice and click the new submit button, it doesnt submit the interaction saying that you must make a choice first.  If you use the original submit, it works as expected.  Please help.  I have attached the .story file.



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Walt Hamilton


First, a couple of things that aren't causing a the problem, but might in the future.

The slide still has a built-in Submit button, and I think that can cause conflicts. Also, your custom made Submit button is Named Submit, the same as the built-in button, and I think that has a lot of potential for conflicts. I recommend taking off the built-in button, and renaming the other.

I think this trigger order may have the potential for causing problems,


and I would reverse them.

The real problem is that Clicking the submit button deselects the other answer buttons because they are all one button group:


I'm guessing that when you decided to create a custom Submit button, you copied one of the answer buttons, to keep the same look (that's what I would have done). Since you copied a member of the Pick 1 button group, the new button became a group member, and only one member can be selected at a time.