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Crystalle Guthrie

Sarah, I only have one trigger set up. I've tried it with the object being hidden in the original state and it didn't work. I've also tried it where there is no object in the original state and then it is supposed to appear when hovered over. Unfortunately, that didn't work either. Thanks though!

Lance Treloar

Hi Crystalle

Hard to say without knowing what it is that's not working, or what it is that is happening.  Have attached a sample of what I think it is you are trying to achieve. 

Usual mistake that I make when adding hovers is that I fall out of the edit mode (or get into a routine and forget to go into edit on about the third instance).  Make sure you are in the Hover instance when addding the effect - even if you are looking at Hover, when you click Edit, the instance will switch to Normal.

Hope it helps

Lance Treloar

No problem.  Will be in and out of the forum for the next few hours.  In the meantime, have given a second option (this one with triggers and states).  In the third column, the outline box has an initial state of hidden.  On rollover, this state is changed to normal (via trigger).

To set initial state hidden, go to states and there is a dropdown to set initial state.