hope for some help½! My text entry-text displays out of slide in spite of formatting the text box to fixed ratio and not shrink

Dec 14, 2017

Hello everbody. Hope for som help!I made the size in my textboxes to NOT SHRINK or resizing but my text in my text entry fileds still displays far to long...in fact outside the complete slide! Any idea why? And how I can fix it?

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Maja  Oi

Thank you all for your response. 

Sorry to say I haven´t been able to solve this problem yet. It shows when I publish in Articualte Storylines lms. 

So when I look in the preview it looks alright but not when I publish! 

ALSO:  I want the coruse to be totally free , no restrictions. BUT if I try to "jump" in the course it get stucked.  I cant move from slide to slide as I eant to! And the only way to get 

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