Hopeful re: course interaction :)

Apr 13, 2016

This is my first reach out to the forum and I'm hopeful that someone will have an answer to my question.  I appreciate all the discussions and wealth of knowledge found in this group.

I'm looking to have one 'scoring' slide in which success is illustrated by objects leaving a container (the goal is to empty the container completely).  Each time a user completes a learning checkpoint or interaction successfully, they are directed to the scoring slide (Max).  Although the objects are set to leave the container (via motion paths), I've not been able to consistently use variables to ensure the objects leave the container based on checkpoint/interaction success.  I'm attaching a simple example with 2 (1 to 4 slides only) scenes, the navigation slide (course is not linear), the scoring slide, and some learning checkpoints/interactions.   You will easily see my attempts within the slide triggers and variables.  I am clearly missing something. 

tidbits to know:

  • the scoring slide (Max) is set to resume saved state when revisiting
  • the scoring slide (Max) is set to jump to the navigation slide when clicking next
  • Bonus question? :)   Because of the point above (Max jumps to navigation slide) I'm unable to include more than one working question at the end of each scene.  Although not the primary issue, if any genius out there has advice on this, I'm all ears!
  • preference is that the user does not see the 'correct' message but rather is directed straight to the Max slide.  One of my learning checkpoints does not show the correct message (scene two), however, another does show it even when not selected.
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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michele -- Thanks so much for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I'm sure lots of our creative community members will be able to stop in and share design advice to assist you with your course! In the meantime, I also wanted to let you know that you'd also be welcome to post over in our Building Better Courses forum for additional feedback, as well! 

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