Hoping to Record Responses in LMS, But Not Score

Sep 11, 2019

Hey everyone.

I have a course I'm designing that includes some freeform Drag and Drops as well as some Pick One quiz slides. However, this course is part of a larger curriculum and none of the courses are meant to have any scoring (just completed/not completed flags).

I'd like to be able to see the responses users submitted for these questions but do not want any sort of score passed to the LMS (essentially, I want the questions to be treated almost like survey questions despite not being in survey format).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this on the Storyline side?

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Brian Allen
Ashley McConnaughy

Unfortunately, that seems to still pass "points" and instead just puts 0 (or whatever points you choose) as the score.

So you still see points even if you use complete/incomplete, correct? But the drag and drop interaction info is being passed to the LMS for reporting?

If so, I think this is possibly as close as you're going to get. Zero points, but the important thing is that the course is properly marked Complete/Incomplete and your interaction data is stored in the LMS.

Lauren Graves

Yeah. Unfortunately, our users are fairly competitive and the type to fixate so having a "zero point" value displayed is a problem and since most of the other courses don't have points at all, I'd have to basically go in and alternatively manufacture points across the board to give a default "100" so they don't fixate.

I wish there was a way to basically designate any type of quiz/freeform slide as a "survey-type/don't bother with points." It's helpful to have the correct/incorrect options prebuilt in as we see with quiz/freeform slides (such as drag and drop) but we don't always want actual points to be passed.

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