Horizontal Scrolling

Hello everyone,

I know this question has been asked a few hundred times but this particular case has it's own specifics.

I have a very long image (2350x567), several screens long which must have clickable boxes on itself, that scroll with the image. Horizontally.

Tried sliders, Jscript and rotating a scrolling panel.

Sliders are slow and the movement was choppy, the Jscript solution did not work well in all browsers and ranged from slow and choppy to not working at all.  Rotating a scrolling panel inverts the controls of the scrolling panel in a weird and inorganic way.

Does anyone have a solution or has anyone encountered something like this before?

Thanks a bunch


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Michael Hinze

You could try motion path animations, as shown in the examples here and here. I wonder though why your 'Sliders are slow and the movement was choppy'. Did you try to set the slider step value to the smallest possible value? I had tried this once with a very tall vertical image (10000+ pixels) and it worked well for me, see here.