Horizontal scrolling panel instead of vertical?

I just created a scrolling filmstrip based on this really note Screenr by Stephanie Harnett. She has her filmstrip set up vertically, which is the way the scrolling panel works.

What if I wanted a horizontal filmstrip. I thought I'd be able to flip it vertical, but rotation options are dimmed. Am I missing something? It would be really neat to be able to scroll horizontally.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jill,

I'll put in a request now. Do you think you should ask again?

I put together a quick idea using the vertical scrolling panel - figured I'd upload it just for the sake of sharing. But the last slide, which you'd get to by clicking in the menu, is the original way I'd thought about presenting this horizontally when I saw Stephanie's Screenr.

Sjoerd de Vries

I am new to Storyline and have a large image of a processflow. For this kind of images it might be useful to have vertical and horizontal scrolling as well. I can create a slide layer with the scroll object on it and it looks like a kind of magnifying thing in that way.

So that's why I was searching for a horizontal scrollbar and found out it's a feature request.

I can also imagin that a large horizontal image (for example a 360 degrees view would be nice in a horizontal scroll.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trav,

I don't know that I've seen feature requests for this, and generally if there is a workaround like Geert shared, I don't know that community members share their thoughts then in the form of a feature request. I'd encourage you to share your thoughts here with our product development team.