Horizontal scrolling panel only moves when I scroll verticall ????

Hi all

I have managed to create a horizontal scroll Panel which I'd like to use to make lots of content better readable. However, when working on the slide the learner  still needs to move the scroll bar vertically. Why is that? I attached the example. Try yourself the funny experience when you move the mouse pointer vertically in order to make the panel scroll horizontally :-o!

Has anyone an idea how I could change this? A workaround idea on another method would be appreciated too.

Thx in advance and best regards

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Matthew Bibby

You could use a slider to scroll through your content. 

Just create a new state each time you move your text 10px or so and then set up a slider with the appropriate amount of steps and add triggers to change the state of the text box to state 1 when slider variable equals 1, and state 2 when slider variable equals 2 etc.

Roland Straub

Hi Matthew

Ok. I guess that, if even you heroes recommend the slider, this might be the best workaround.

Funny, that a much requested Feature like a horizontal scroll panel is not possible within SL. I found 5 year old discussion threads in which People were eagerly asking for it. Do you know, if a feature request has been dropped? I couldn't find one. Maybe everybody thought that the other one has already dropped one and finally no request was filed after all ;-). 

Anyway, I like that SL always offers Workarounds.
Thanks for your condieration though and best regards.


Roland Straub


Possible, that I'm about to loose my marbles. I add a Clip of how it Looks, when I try to scroll horizontally but with my configuration I can definitely not move the bar the same way like you :-o! Could that be a technical issue? Does SL not speak Swiss German :-).


Roland Straub

I have tried to workaround it with a slider. Yet, either I have set the triggers wrong or my Laptop is starting to loose it's mables too. I have prepared a layer (3), where one should be dropped, after click on the 1st green button on layer 2. I have added states to the Picture I want to Show and set the triggers but when I try the slider it works one time dragging it to the right, but when I drag it back it gets all mixed. Up.

Guess I just add a caption refering to resources and add the list as a PDF :-/