Hosted Videos

I am looking for information regarding hosting videos rather than embedding them in the SCORM file. I know I can use YouTube or Vimeo, but our company policy will not allow that at this point. What are my other options please? (AWS?)

I understand that doing this, I can no longer make my slides auto-advance when media completes. Are there any other drawbacks I might encounter?


Many thanks!

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Jerry Beaucaire

Our company uses WISTIA to host our video content.  It has fabulous imbedding tools and we use it serve content surgically into slides within SL courses quite a bit.

A little but of Javascript added to the imbed code DOES allow us to detect the end of a video clip and auto-trigger the next "thing", whatever that happens to be (buttons appear, slide advance, whatever).

This is nice in that we can change the video clips externally and the .story doesn't need updating even if the clip lengths change.