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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Joanna for sharing that here - I hadn't seen Jennifer's post on it.

Kim, I know some users mentioned a new Google drive account didn't allow for hosting, but we have tested that out - and it didn't make a different for us. 

You mentioned a 404 error, which leads me to think it's an issue with the URL as I mentioned. Are you able to share the URL you're linking to? 

Kim Lane

Ashley and Joanna, thank you both so much for your help. Jennifer's instructions are great but even after going step-by-step through them...still getting the error. I think I did agree to use Google's new drive yesterday when I first got started not realizing it could be a problem. Is there a way to go back to the old drive? 

Here are the two links. The first one worked several months ago:



Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim,

It looks like the links may have changed - I was able to use just the first part of your first link, and access the course here. Here is how the link looked:


The second one showed me the title of the course "travel trivia game" but didn't load the page - so I'm unsure what happened to that URL. 

Kim Lane

Yay! Success! Thank you ladies so much. I reverted back to the old drive and then just started over from scratch uploading everything, renaming, etc., and now the the link to the travel trivia game works. Not sure if the new drive had anything to do with the issues or not. I'll test that out soon. Could have been any number of things.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the game if you have time. My main goal with this was to learn how to create motion paths in SL 2. I may do more with it and build it out more in my spare time down the road. Any suggestions you have would be very welcomed.

Thanks again! Love this place!!!



Kristine Cariello

Okay...after  a lot of messing around, switching back and forth from new to old Drive...I finally got something that shows my samples on my site again.  Hope this helps people out as well.

http://googledrive.com/host/ very long file numbers letters/story.swf

The url is just as it was explained before for Goole Drive Storyline hosting with the addition of the boldfaced items above.  Works on my wix site again (for now..ekkk).

I tried it with /index.html since that seemed to make sense, but it didn't work for me so that's how I ended up with the story.swf.  Feel free to try index.html first.  If that works for you, let me know.

Kim Lane

Hi Kristine, thanks for the info. I was able to get mine working a few days ago and I'm guessing they are still working but I also figured out how to host on my own website yesterday so I think I'm going to break up with Google Drive for now. Can't take a chance on them breaking my heart, I mean, links again. Lol!

Hoping your info will help others who don't currently have their own site.    Thanks for sharing!



Simon Blair

A bunch of us noticed an issue yesterday (just in time for the weekly ELH challenge).

The workaround of adding story.swf (or whatever it happens to be if you're using something other than Storyline) works.

I had a chat with Google support yesterday. I'm still waiting for a resolution. If I get an answer, I'll share it here.

Simon Blair

I haven't heard back from Google yet, but Linda Robertson just posted in another thread that her Google Drive files are working again.

I checked all of mine, we well as several others (from the ELH Challenge) and they're all working too.

FYI, it now works again with just the folder (i.e. no "index.html" or "story.swf").