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Fazal Khan

Thank you Christie. I will read the amazon link.

One more question: My client wants to run the published lessons on android
tablets. Is it necessary for him to install the Articulate Mobile App, or
can they just download and copy the published files into their tablets and
play the html file?

Fazal Qadir Khan

Christie Pollick

Hi, Fazal -- Have you  had an opportunity to review this information on Publishing for Mobile Devices, by chance? There is a wealth of information and links available that should be helpful. Please also be sure to check out this section specifically:

Can Courses Be Viewed on Android Devices?

Yes. Include HTML5 output or Articulate Mobile Player output when you publish. When you direct learners to the story.html file in your published output, they'll automatically see the best version for their device and browser. See this article for details on how this works.