Hostspot in slide kill hover that is defined in slide master

Jul 25, 2013


In a slide master, I have an image for which I defined a normal, a hover and a down state.

If I build a slide based on this slide master, everything is fine, the hover and down work.

Several slides use this master slide. But each one of them should use different different triggers when the image is clicked.

To achieve this, I insert a hotspot in each slide that covers the image that was defined in the slide master. And, I attach a trigger to that hotspot.

While the hotspot and trigger work well in each slides, the hover and down effects that were defined in the slide master no longer work. If I remove the hotspot or place it elsewhere, they do work again.

When a hotspot is placed in the slide over the image, it kills the hover state as defined in the slide master.

I do not want to move the image to the slide instead of the slide master. Although this would be a work-around, It would defeat the whole purpose of using a slide master.

Any help is welcome.


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Nicole Legault

Hi Philippe! Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Here's a way you accomplish what are you looking to do, while still keeping the image on the slide master.

  • Create a numeric variable with a default value of 0
  • On each slide that the user visits, create a trigger that Adjusts the Variable from 0 to a numeric value, for example, on slide 1, the variable is adjusted to "1" on slide 2 the variable is adjusted to "2", etc.
  • On the slide master, create triggers on the image that are variable dependent. For example, "Jump to slide 2, IF variable is equal to 2". Now, the image will only jump to "slide 2" if they are on the slide that adjusts the variable to 2.

Now you don't need the hot spots which cover up your hover and down states.I've included a .story file to show you how I've achieved this functionality. Hope this helps! =)

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