Hot Spot active/clickable before I want user to be able to click

I am using Storyline 2 on Windows 7 (64 bit OS)

I want to dictate when a Hot Spot is active for the User. There is narration at the start of the slide that they should listen to. I have the Hot Spot appearing on the stage/timeline at 27 seconds. 

I was sad to see that the Hot Spot is active from the very start of the my User can just barrel on ahead because the Hot Spot failure gives them the cheat.

Are Hot Spots simply active the entire slide regardless of where you place them to "start" on the timeline?  

I am guessing/dreading the solution is to have narration on its own slide and then the clickable stuff on a duplicate slide but thought I would check in with the people who know Storyline more than me!



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Walt Hamilton

Not sure about hotspots, but I do know that you can create an invisible shape of any kind, and it will not allow clicking until it shows on the timeline. You can attach any trigger you want to it. When you create it, set the outline to no outline, give it a fill and set the fill to 100% transparent. If you don't give it a fill, you can't click it.

Katie Saunders

I tried inserting a Shape object and a Button object.

The problem appears to be the Trigger of "when user clicks outside"

That "when user clicks outside" moves the trigger to a Slide will not stay attached to the Object - whether it be a Hot Spot or a Shape or a Button. So since the trigger is "attached" to the slide and not the object, where that object is on the timeline does not matter - that trigger is ready to go right from the start...allowing my users to "cheat".

(I'm guessing)

This particular functionality doesn't work for my projects but I'll jimmy-rig something...

Hopefully someone will post and tell me I'm wrong but so far that "clicks outside" trigger seems to be the problem.