Hot Spot Answer Submission

I'm creating some hot spot activities where a user should pick the animal that matches the word they hear spoken. I want to add a button / marker that will enable users to replay the recorded audio before they submit their answer but whenever I add a button or marker to a hot spot slide as soon as the user clicks on it Storyline takes that as an answer submission. As the activity is aimed at children I do not want them to have to click a SUBMIT button to submit their answer.

I'd be grateful for any ideas / suggestions. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Paolo!  Thanks for sharing your project file.  I wonder if you can achieve your desired results using a Pick One interaction, rather than the Hotspot.  That interaction would eliminate your need for variables.  You could set a trigger to each animal to "Submit the Interaction" when the user clicks on that animal.  The "Listen Again" button would not be an answer choice, so its selection would be independent of the quiz portion of the slide.  I've attached your project with my suggested changes.  Let me know if this option works for you!