Hot spot layer locked to a scroll panel

Hi there,

I am building a course where I am adding pop up glossary terms when the user hovers over a certain word on a slide. In some cases that word is in a scrolling panel. I have figured out how to lock to hot spot to the word within the scrolling panel, but I would like to know if the pop up layer can be locked into the position of where to hot spot is within the scrolling panel? 

See how in the attached document (scroll panel is not used) the definition is in the same position as the word on the base layer. I would like to know if I can do that when the word on the base layer is used within a scroll panel.


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Megan Colbert

Hi Gregory,

My work around this was to add an additional text box to the scroll panel with the word that i wanted to add a glossary term to. Then I added a state to it to change when I hovered the mouse over it. 

I have attached an example of how I built it here.

Hope this helps :)