Hot spot question with custom invalid answer

Hi guys,

I need help please. I've created custom feedback layers in my quiz, I have the custom 'Invalid answer' layer working perfectly on a multiple choice question using variables. However I cannot seem to get it to work on the hotspot question.

I'm very new to AS2 but have found answers to my previous stumbling blocks on this forum, so hopefully someone can help. I've encountered the below two issues:

1. Invalid answer layer shows if Hotspot = not selected when submit is clicked. However this seems to count as 1 attempt and now the hotspot answer is no longer clickable.

2. Added a variable on submit result only when hotspot = selected however this always now shows the invalid answer layer. (this is currently how it's set up in the example

What I want to happen:

If hotspot is not selected and learner clicks submit, Invalid answer layer shows and learner is now able to submit an answer.

Any help is appreciated! I did think some kind of ability to reset the quiz question when OK on invalid answer is clicked could solve this but I couldn't find this option anywhere. I've att

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Louis

forgive me if I misunderstand you - but since you are only giving the user 1 attempt at the question you could add two 'incorrect' hotspots to the picture and just trigger the Submit layer to show when timeline starts. If they click submit and have selected the green hotspot - they get the correct layer and continue on, if they select either of the red hotspots - they get the incorrect layer and move on.

Louis Harrison

Hi Wendy, thanks for responding. I would like the invalid question layer to appear if the user doesn't make a selection. However you inspired me to work around this by only showing the submit button if a learner makes a selection therefore i don't need to have an invalid answer layer. Thank you!!!