Hot spot slide with multiple right answers

Jan 03, 2013

I'd like to have users find 5 errors in a single image, so my plan is to use hot spots. A hot spot quiz seems to only allow for one right answer, so I'm currently building a regular slide with multiple hot spots, but I need to figure out how to count that they've clicked all five before they can advance.

I'm working that out via variables now (when all five variables are updated to a new value the Next button will appear), but if someone has another idea I'm all ears. Thanks! Oh and this is my first Storyline project after a few years in Presenter, just FYI. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Chris, and welcome! Congrats on embarking on your first Storyline project, too!

Regarding your hotspot issue... rather than using a hotspot question type, it might be quicker and easier to use a Freeform Multiple Response question instead, since you are wanting your learners to find several items on the slide. That way you wouldn't have to fuss with variables. Take a look at this example... it involves using freeform shapes (which have been set to 100% transparent), drawn overtop of the selectable areas, as the answer choices: 

Hopefully that gets you pointed in the right direction! Good luck with your project!

Chris Ammon

Thank you for the quick reply and great lesson. This might be a better way to challenge my learner, in fact. Instead of my instructions being, "find 5 errors..." they can be, "find all the errors and then click submit...".  That way they don't know how many there are and can submit any number of guesses.

My original idea was that each hotspot would pop open a caption with positive feedback. Once they found all five then the Next button would appear. 

Back to it... Thanks!

Chris Ammon

Here is what I came up with that serves my original idea. Hopefully you see the attached file.

I use a variable "emailcount" that is originally set to zero. Whenever a hotspot is clicked I add 1 to the value of that variable. The click also changes the state of the hidden caption to a state I made called "appear". The variable depends on a condition to NOT add 1 to the variable if the state of the caption is = to "appear", that way the user can't repeatedly click the same hotspot to up the value of the variable.

The Next button has a condition on it that shows my Warning layer if the value of the variable is not 2. When it is 2, the congratulations box appears, the warning box disappears, and the Next button is allowed to advance to the next slide.

In this demo, I have a text box at top right that will show you the variable value, and I used 2 markers to show you where the hotspots are.

I may add a function so if the user clicks anywhere that is NOT a hotspot I can offer some helpful text and my "Show me" button. I welcome any ideas on how to simplify it or improve it. Cheers!

Jeanette Brooks

Your original idea would work too! You could build your positive feedback into the Selected state of each object. And you could add a next button on the slide but set its initial state to Hidden, then use a trigger to change it to Normal when the state of each correct object is Selected.

Lots of ways to skin a cat ... if you like, feel free to attach your slide here and we can show ya how to do the caption thing and the conditional next button!

Susann Nutter

This was extraordinarily helpful. I now have great Pick Many quiz questions. But I don't want the cursor to change to a hand when hovering over a correct answer. If learners snaps to noticing that hand over the selected area, they won't have to know the answer - they can just look for the hand. So - can I turn off that hand when hovering over the correct areas?



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Meg,

Jeanette doesn't work for Articulate any more ;(. She is missed.

I'm attaching a  freeform quiz that does what you want. Not sure if it could have been simplified, but I tried a few things before this "final" version. I'm open to simplification if anyone wants to jump in.

You'll see that the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 (so I think you'll "get" the sequence ) are covered with transparent objects...I've left a thin line around the rectangles, so you can see where they are.

There are Correct and Incorrect buttons offstage and these are the two choices in the Quiz.

Triggers are set up so

the Correct button is selected IF ALL conditions are met when the user clicks which point the correct layer shows.


The Incorrect button is selected IF ANY of the conditions are NOT met when the user clicks which point the incorrect layer shows.

In order to ensure that Learners click the buttons in the correct order, each rectangle has an associated T/F variable, defaulting to false. If Learners click in the correct order, the associated button's variable is set to True.

For example,

  • The ONE variable  is set to true when the user clicks the ONE rectangle IF NONE of the other rectangles' states are selected.
  • The TWO variable is  set to true when the user clicks the TWO rectangle IF the ONE variable = true AND the 3 and 4 rectangles' states are NOT selected

etc....but you'll see it in the trigger pane.

Please shout out with any questions.

Susann Nutter

Thanks Rebecca,

The initial post was about hot spots only having 1 right answer and Jeanette explained using Freeform > Pick many so that I can have many right answers on the slide. So if you consider those Pick Many areas as hot spots, then yes, I do have hot spots. And when I right click over those areas, I get the menu I showed above. I still want to get rid of the cursor hand when the shapes are moused over.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Susan, I'm not sure I understand the problem with the Pick Many freeform. By default, the hand cursor shows over ALL the answers, not just the correct one. It would be easier to sort out your problem if you uploaded your slide. Is that possible?

Meg, I agree. Great community. If you have any questions on that setup, please shout out.

Stuart Gilbert

I've been reading various posts on multiple hotspots, and they all seem to skirt my issue but don't address it directly. That is, I would like the learner to click on either of two correct spots on an image. In my Freeform Pick Many, the learner must click on both spots to get a correct answer, which is not what I want. 

Is there a way to have two areas (hotspots) on the image, and clicking on either hotspot (and then Submit) will retrieve a correct response? 

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for contacting us to share what you would like to create for your course.

Is there a way to have two areas on the image, and clicking on either will retrieve a correct response? 

The short answer is yes, but you have to create it :)

Here's an idea:

  • Use a Pick One Question Type
  • Set up two buttons off slide (so the user won't see them) for the correct/incorrect selection
  • Use triggers on your objects/hotspots to change the state of the correct or incorrect buttons to 'selected'

Attached is a sample created by a previous community member that displays this behavior with a few options for a correct answer as an example. 

Please note that hotspots were not used for this example, but you can see how they could be.

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