hot spots, layers and variables

Hi guys,

I am hoping someone might be able to help.. I have a slide (picture an office scene with different items you need to click on. For example; a book, shelf, phone etc) each item has a hot spot triggering a layer with information on it. I want to make sure the user clicks each hot spot THEN once they have visited each hot spot I want a new slide to appear with the next lot of instructions to move on.. or something like 'you have collected all the information' - i just don't know to set it so it doesn't happen until each one has been seen.... 


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Zsolt Olah

One way to do this is creating a variable for each hotspot. I did two of them in the example. When you show the layer with the info, you have a button on the layer that hides it. I added a trigger on it to set the variable from 0 to 1. 

So, on the baseline you just need a trigger watching these variables and if all of them are 1, you jump. Take a look. Caveat is that on the baselayer, you need as many triggers as variables you have. Attached.

Another way to do that is creating a Change variable also. On every single layer, when you close it, you also adjust this Change variable by adding 1. Then on the baselayer, you need only one trigger watching: it would go to the next slide WHEN variable Change changes AND all variables are 1.