Hotspot and narration

Dec 07, 2020

I have to images. 

Each image has a hotspot. 

Each hotspot leads to a different audio. 

I want to set it so that when you click on one hotspot to listen, you can't click on the other hotspot to listen to it. 

When I try to do a change of state, in the drop down, the picture is there, but the hotspot is not. 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Dina,

The disadvantage to hotspots is that they don't have States. 

If you want the entire images to be clickable...

  • You don't need hot spots. Just add the triggers to the images (for example, "Play Media [audio1] when the user clicks [image1]").
  • Create the States you want the images to have. 
    • Duplicate Normal to create a Disabled state, and perhaps adjust the image to black-and-white to show that it's not clickable in that state. 
    • Duplicate the Normal state to create a Visited State (if you want to track that), and perhaps add a checkmark to that.

If you want only part of an image to be clickable...

  • Cover the clickable area with a shape that has no border and a solid fill that is 100% transparent.
  • Add the trigger to that shape.
  • Add the appropriate states to the shape. 

Note: You could instead add a standard button, and then edit all the states so it's not visible. It's a matter of preference which to use.

When they're transparent, the shape/button won't be visible when you're editing in Storyline, which is a disadvantage compared to hotspots. But I think the ability to use States is still worth it.