Hotspot Delayed in Timeline

I want to create a Hotspot interaction but I don't want the hotspot available until some point after the timeline starts (e.g. 5 seconds in). If the user clicks on the area where the hotspot will be but before it appears in the timeline, the answer should be incorrect. I can create the hotspot in the timeline at the point where I want it to be, but if the user clicks on the area where the hotspot will be, the answer is shown as correct. For example, I define a hotspot then I adjust the hotspot to be 5 seconds in on the timeline. I want it so that if the user clicks on the area where the hotspot will be before 5 seconds then it should be an incorrect answer. However, it is shown as a correct answer. It's as if Storyline thinks the hotspot is there throughout the timeline even when I isn't. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!!!

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Simon Perkins

Hi Rich

I've not had to do this before but have mocked up a quick demo of how this can be achieved.

The trick here is to send the learner away from the hotspot for the first 5 secs, and this is done by showing the Delay layer right at the start.  This is set to disable any clickable activity on the base layer, therefore negating the hotspot, before disappearing after 5 secs.

You can easily add your own "Incorrect" message to a clickable region (on the Delay layer) during the first 5 secs if you still need to. 

Hope that helps.

Rich R

Thanks for your help, Simon!! I want the spinning indicator whenever the user clicks just like a normal hotspot interaction. However, if they click before or after the hotspot in the timeline then they should get an incorrect response. If they click during the hotspot then they should get a correct response. Make sense?