Hotspot + hand cursor not changing (despite setting checked)

Aug 02, 2019

I have a group of shapes/text/items under a hotspot and triggers set up so something happens to all the shapes when a user is hovered over the hotspot. The challenge? The mouse isn't changing to appear the grouping to be clickable when hovered over the hotspot. I double checked and when I right click the option is checked to change mouse pointer on hover, but yet the file isn't behaving this way. (See attached.) What am I missing?


Thanks in advance!

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Gloria Boyce

That’s bizarre! I’m happy to learn that new ones would/should work!  

I normally agree with you that hover is a built in state, but in this case it makes sense for me to use the hotspot with triggers because I have three different hover items I want the hover state to items each with hover states and I want them to function as if one seamless object vs 3 individual pieces so no matter where the person hovers over any of those 3 items, they all light up together. By doing a hotspot, I only have to set those triggers up one time each versus 3x each 😊

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