Hotspot Hover & Click not working


I'm using Storyline 2 and trying to use a hotspot to simulate a feature of our software.  When the user hovers over a dropdown box (a picture), it highlights (state change); then when the user clicks, it opens the dropdown (show new layer).  I can get it to highlight, but not to show the layer.  I've tried switching up the order in which the triggers sit, but it doesn't help.  I tried setting a condition so it would work when the box was highlighted - nothing.  What's a good workaround here?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey StatEase!

Thanks for sharing your file with us! I made a few changes, and I think i've got it working as you'd like it to:

  • You actually don't need the hotspot on the base layer. Instead, add a Hover state to the Box6 image. The cool thing about the hover state is you won't need to trigger it, since it's a default state.


  • The initial state of the Dropdown image was "Hidden". You'll want to adjust the initial state to "Normal". 

Have a look at the updated file I attached, and let me know if that'll work for you!