Hotspot Issue - Area outside of the correct hotspot not registering as incorrect

Nov 24, 2016

I have been having a strange problem with our Hotspot quiz slides. The trigger I am using is "Jump to next slide when user clicks [hotspot]". That works perfectly but if you click outside of the hotspot, there is no incorrect message and the slide does not advance but instead shows the little spinning hourglass/circle that it would normally show for an ordinary submit interaction, as shown below, but does not advance the slide.

 What does work is adding incorrect hotspots to the slide, but this is not ideal when you have a very large area to cover with the incorrect hotspot and not small individual objects. I sometimes have to use more than one large incorrect hotspot area due to the location of the correct hotspot. This results in an awful pink/red mess in the quiz review view. And you also have to add a 'Jump to next slide' trigger for every incorrect hotspot which is very time-consuming.

Surely if the user clicks on anything but the correct hotspot, the slide should pop up the Incorrect layer and advance to the next slide. What am I missing? Or is there possibly a glitch in my version of Articulate 2?

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