Hotspot issue with IE on a Flash Primary published course

Hi all,

I've put together a behemoth of a course as that's what's been requested by the team involved. The problem is now that we've come to the last rounds of testing and some of the hotspots aren't working only when using IE (but they were working before). 

I've gone through a lot of old posts and can't find anything that relates to the issue. Seeing as how the hotspots worked before could this be related to the last publish that I did? The users who are targeted for this will primarily be using IE as it is the only supported browser in our company. I know it works on chrome but there is no way we'd be able to roll out chrome for every PC let alone with compatibility issues for other software.



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Eric!

I'm really sorry you're running into this hotspot issue in IE – let's get that sorted! I've got a few questions to start:

  • What version of Storyline and IE are you using?
  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • What is the selected publishing format – is it Flash with HTML5 fallback, or something else?
  • Are you able to send me one or two of your slides that have hotspots for testing? You can add that .story file as a comment clicking on Add Attachment below, or you can share it privately here.

I'll be standing by!

Eric P

Hi Katie!

Thanks for your reply, I actually found a work around with this one. It was published as web with flash as primary and html5 as secondary because IE isn't a fan of html5.

The issue turned out being that flash couldn't tell the difference between the hotpot (which was in the background) and a text box Introducing the question (that was initially in the foreground then disappeared after 4 seconds). So even though the box was no longer showing on the timeline at this point, flash still thought it was there and wouldn't let you click on the hot spot.

Chrome understood and was fine, just IE couldn't do it for some reason.

So instead I've moved the intro textboxes onto another layer that the user clicks off when ready to answer the question.

I hope that's made sense.