Hotspot on Base Layer Clickable on Other Layers?

I created Hotspots on the base layer thinking I could still click on them when on the other layers that are triggered to show but they don't seem to work.  I also unchecked hide other layers on the properties.

Do Hotspots on base layer not work on the other layers? I see that you can click on other shapes/objects on the base layer.

Work-around was that I created the Hotspots on each layer but I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible.

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Mike DiFonzo


That's exactly how I thought it should work but for some reason mine didn't. I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm forgetting. I've attached the file here. Note that I duplicated the Hotspots on each layer as a work-around. I'd like them just to be on the Base layer.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Mike

I changed the size of the text box on the base layer so it wasn't covering the hotspots


Then on the layer (I only worked on the Antithrombotics and VTE layers so you can replicate what I did on the other layer. The only object you want on that layer is what is specific to that layer.

Removed all the objects except the text box and only left in the text box the content relevant for that formatting and placement may not be spot on but you'll get the idea.