Hotspot simulation scoring on second try


I have been doing quite of been of reading but can't seem to find the right answer to solve my issue. I'm hoping someone can assist me.

I have a simulation video which I converted into a freeform hotspot. I have set up for one or two attempts but want the students to get 100 if they get it right at the first attempt and 50 at the second attempt. I have set variables but no matter how many times I click outside of the hotspot then on the right spot I still get 100. 

I also want the student to answer all 20 questions before the result slide comes up.

Can someone please take a look at my .story file - which I have stripped down to only one slide and tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Joe bloe

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply...I was anxious to try what you suggested, However, after deleting the top most English Incorrect and Correct layers, (plus I also created a trigger to hide the submit button)...I am still facing with the same issue.

In preview mode, if I click 2-3-4-5 times outside of the hotspot area and then click on the hotspot, my result still come ups at 100%.

I want the result to be 100% if the hotspot is clicked on the first attempt.

if clicked on the second or more attempt I want the result to be 50%.

Can someone tell what is not right in my triggers/variables. I have reposted the latest .story file