Hotspot Trigger


I have created a rectangular Hotspot over an object on a slide where I would like users to click on the Hotspot to move to the next slide (rather than using a next button).  I created a trigger for the Hotspot that instructs users to 'Jump to next slide when the user clicks the Hotspot'. The problem is, the object I want users to click on is in a video.  The video sits behind the Hotspot on the timeline and I don't want users to be able to click the Hotspot before the video completes as they will advance to the next slide before watching the rest of the video.

What trigger can I use to prevent users from jumping to the next slide if they happen to click the Hotspot before the video completes?




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tarsha

instead of a hotspot try adding a rectangle shape over the video with a fill (100% transparency not NO FILL) and set the initial state to hidden.

Add a trigger to change state of the rectangle to normal when video completes. Then add the jump to slide trigger when user clicks rectangle.