Hotspot trigger does not advance to next slide

Jul 07, 2014

I created a hotspot and would like the user to click on the hotspot to move to the next slide.  I created a trigger for the hotspot that says "Jump to next slide when User click the hotspot object".  For some reason, this trigger doesn't work and I've run out of ideas as to why.  Can you help?

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Carole Batterman-West

Thanks to both of you. I figured out the problem with my hotspot. I had added another trigger to the hotspot rectangle that changes the state of the hotspot to show a red edge to the hotspot rectangle when the user hovers the mouse over. The hotspot rectangle was below the rectangle highlight in the timeline. When I moved the rectangle highlight below the hotspot rectangle, the hotspot now works. It was Steve's simple example that helped me figure this out - thanks again!

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