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Claire Unnerstall

I'm going to try this file to see if it works.
See on: Enrolling a dealer in the 12th Man Plan, then on the slide that says "for our example, we will search for dealer A03098, then press load" When doing this interaction, the background disappears when I open the published file online. It doesn't happen when I preview the project, and I don't have the timeline for that image to expire before the user clicks the hotspot.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Claire,

I've downloaded your file and taken a look. Actually, the "background" DOES disappear during preview as well, if you wait long enough, so the published output isn't the problem, it's the .story file itself.

I looked really hard at all the slides in Scene 2, and I noticed that on the "problem" slide there is no screencast object on the timline. This is slide #2.4 4, and it's the one with the caption, "For our example, we will search for dealer A03098, then press Load."

Out of curiosity, I scrolled through to see if there were any other slides without a screencast, and if they behaved the same way. Sure enough, take a look at your slide 2.10 10, the one with the caption, "Next, navigate to the Options tab to set up lead billing preferences." This one doesn't have a screencast object, and if you wait on it for a few seconds, the background disappears.

So, I'm not entirely sure how you set this up, or why the "screencast background" appears initially, but it seems that's where the problem is. If that's not enough information to help you sort it out, perhaps someone else can jump in.